1. Kenya Tea Facts

Tea is the brew made from infusing the dried leaves of the Camellia Sinesis in water. There are four major types of tea; White, Green, Oolong and Black all from the same tea plant, main difference being the type of method used when processing the tea leaves.

2. Our Unique Heritage

Kenya lies on the East coast of Africa on the Equator and is the world’s leading exporter of black tea. The tea growing zones have fertile soils and a sunny but cool climate throughout the year that make it the perfect environment for the cultivation of high quality tea. Kenyan tea is grown in the highlands of Kenya to the East and West of the Great Rift Valley. Over 186,000 hectares of land has tea leaves which produce over 300,000 tons of black tea every year. 90% of this production is exported to different countries around the world.

3. World Famous

Kenyan Tea is famous for it’s bright attractive colour, brisk flavor and fine appealing aroma. Traditionally used to blend other countries tea, Kenyan tea is now emerging as a favorite of many in its pure form.

3. Top Range

Toga Tea’s range of black teas are 100% Pure and Kenyan ensuring superior and unique qualities that makes you long for another cup.

Kenyan tea has a distinct amber brownish colour and what is described as a “brisk”, “full bodied” flavor. This refers to a robust flavor that can stand up well with milk, as tea is often drunk in the UK. Kenyan tea creates a richer infusion than poorer quality tea which can leave you with a light or weak cup of tea.